Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breast, Breast, Breast! (And more embarassing moments as a parent!)

Just in this past week, I have had two moments of utter embarrassment.

One- took Aiden to Kohl's where he proceeded to scream, "Breast! Breast! Breast!" as we went past the bra department. There was a man standing there just looking at me as I just stayed silent trying to get us past there as quick as I could.

Two- took Eli to his one year checkup. I got the worst nosebleed of my life it seemed yesterday. It wouldn't stop. I had to pack my nose, try to undress my child to be weighed and mesaured all while keep tissue looked cute, I am sure. I was pretty self-conscious!

Do you have any embarassing moments with your baby or toddler???

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Hessed Joy said...

I don't have one yet because my daughter is only 5 months old. But I have the feeling that motherhood is a lot more exciting than what I pressumed it to be. Great blog by the way. :)